Zach Nugent - Guitar/Vocals

As our more melodic guitarist, Zach adds a "Jerry-esque" flavor to the band while working to accent the rest of the member's playing styles.  After playing a standard Fender Stratocaster for a period of time with DMH, Zach has made the switch to his custom built Jerry Garcia inspired "Wolf" guitar built by Chris Michas in Denver, CO.  Zach plays into a preamped Fender head, through a Mutron envelope filter, Boss octave divider, Boss digital delay 5 and 2 distortion pedals before amping the signal with a 1972 McIntosh MC2105 300 watt power amplifier and sending it to 2 JBL E-120 speakers, one of which was owned and played by Jerry himself!

Jason "Twigg"  Twigg-Smith - Guitar/Vocals

Twigg really does his share of holding the band together with solid chord structures and riffs that have a tendency to cut through perfectly - just enough as to never get lost in the sound.  Although spending most of his time on stage playing his Gibson ES-335, Twigg will break out his Genesis by Modulus, and his 1977 Ibanez 2681 from time to time.  He plays through distortion, flanger, and envelope filter pedals into a Carr tube amplifier with one 15" speaker.  All the perfect gear for creating the perfect sound!

John Wakefield - Bass/Vocals

John's two basses of choice are his 4 string Alembic Persuader and his 5 string Guild Pilot.  Pulling musical knowledge from multiple past bands and playing styles, John's playing contains just a little bit of everything, and fits perfectly into DMH.  Depending on the Venue he plays into a Carvin preamp/amp or a Peavey preamp/amp.  John's bass signal is first sent through a pedal board for filtering effects.

Keenan Haley - Drums/Vocals

After a lifetime of hand drumming, Keenan sat behind a set to begin keeping the beat for DMH.  We couldn't ask for a better drummer to fill the room with as much great energy and sound while flying solo!  Keenan's background in hand drumming adds the perfect touch to his kit drumming - keeping a steady beat while adding percussive accents that always keep the drumming interesting, strong, and exciting.  Keenan plays a standard 5 piece Yamaha Stage Custom set which he's set up with his preferred symbols and drums to keep all kinds of sounds on hand.